Debbie & Brinke Stevens

Debbie & Gunnar Hansen

Debbie D & Debbie Rochon

Genghis Con Nov 2005

Debbie and Joe Bob Briggs

Debbie and Adrienne Barbeau

Debbie and Cassandra Peterson

Debbie and Kevin Sorbo
(Hercules TV show)

Debbie and Noel Neill
(Lois Lane from Superman TV show)

Debbie and Tiffiny Shepis

Debbie and Tonya Harding

Debbie with the Bat Mobile


Coney Island Mermaid Parade

Debbie D with the Mayor of Coney Island

Cherry Hill New Jersey
Debbie D with Blue Oyster Cult and Alice Cooper Band members

East Coast Hollywood Horror Show, New Jersey
with Debbie Rochon & Syn Devil

Debbie D Cruise Photos!
These photos are from Debbie's 10 week cruise, where she entertained thousands with her singing.
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Debbie D and friends photos - Summer/Fall 2002 & Spring 2003
(click photos for larger versions)

Debbie and "Zackerly", host of
the Chiller Theatre Conventions
Debbie D and a way out fan
at the Chiller Convention
Debbie D as "Garlica" at the
Alien Convention in New Jersey

Destiny on the beach
at Coney Island NY
Debbie D with Gary Dell'abatte of the
Howard Stern Show at Bally's Total Fitness
Debbie D with the WYSP van

Debbie D at the New Jersey Mega Show,
displaying some of her merchandise.
Debbie with one of her most loyal
fans, Heath, at the Mega Show

Debbie D and friends at the 2002 Coney Island Mermaid Parade
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"The Brown Haired Mermaid"
DEBBIE D "The Brown Haired Mermaid"
and her friends Thor the Barbarian,
Black Wolf the Wizard and Serina the Sea Princess
DEBBIE D "The Brown Haired Mermaid"
and Serina the Sea Princess

Here are some photos from the April 6 SuperMEGA Show
(click photos for larger versions)

Debbie D posing for her fans taking snapshots

Debbie D and Jasmin St. Claire

Debbie D showing some
of her videos for sale

Debbie D with "MAD"
Comics artist Brian Buniak

Debbie D and two
of her "Biggest" fans

Debbie D and fan with
40 year old "Teddy" Blinkers

Debbie D signing autographs
for her fans

Debbie D with Darian Caine