Debbie D's Trip to california - 2011

Safari Park - San Diego

Safari Park - San Diego

Safari Park - San Diego

Debbied D w/Butch Patrick - San Diego

LAX Airport
after Carmageddon Weekend

Debbied D in Venice Beach

Debbied D & Butch Patrick
with the Playmates car goyle

Debbied D at House of Blues
in DisneyLand

Debbied D in Pacific Ocean
at Venice Beach

Debbied D & William Winckler
at William Winckler Mansion

Debbied D & Butch Patrick
at William Winckler Mansion

Debbied D, Butch Patrick & George Barris
with the Bat Mobile

Debbied D & George Barris
owner of Barris Kustoms

Debbied D with James Dean's
"Little Basterd" car

Debbied D at James Dean Monument
at Griffeth Park Observatory

Debbied D at Griffeth Park Observatory

Deadliest Catch
Jonathan Hillstrand (Hillstrand Bros.)

Deadliest Catch
Andy Hillstrand (Hillstrand Bros.)

Deadliest Catch Forum at Agua Caliente Casino
Palm Desert, CA

Las Vegas - 2010

The Chamber Girls (left, right) plus
Debbie D - Bailee - Dalila

Mega Show - July 10th, 2010

Monkey's Car

Debbie D& Debbie Dutch

Artist Brian bruniak & Debbie D
New Drawing of Debbie D

Debbie Dutch - Penn Paul = Debbie D

Debbie D - Mickey Dolance - Debbie Dutch

Debbie Dutch & Debbie D

Shirley Jones - Debbie D - Debbie Dutch

Debbie Dutch - Larry Storch - Debbie D

Debbie Dutch - Kenny Lawrence (promoter) - Debbie D

The Monkey's Car
Debbie D & Debbie Dutch

Coney Island Mermaid Parade
June 19, 2010

Debbie D

The Brown Haired Mermaid

Helping hands
Debbie D and Bill Vaher

Helping hands
Debbie D and Daniel the Crab Man

Debbie D with
John Upton and Blackwolf

Devil Mermaid and Debbie D

Debbie D's Trip to Hollywood
April 2010

Britney Spears

Jennifer Lopex & Mark Anthony

Charleton Heston

Jack Nicholson

Hotel - Pretty Woman

Was filmed with Richard Gere
Going Up Stair Case

Justin Timberlake & Britney Spears

Jean Claude Van Damme

Julia Roberts

Meg Ryan

Antonio Banderas & Melanie Grifith

George & Rosemary Clooney

Michael Jackson (front of house)


Playboy mansion

Tori Spelling

Leonardo DiCaprio

George Clooney & Whitney Houston

Michael Jackson (side of House)

Pretty Woman Movie
Hotel Wilshire

Debbie D's Trip to Hollywood
Nov 2009

Debbie D's Star

Debbie D on Hollywood Blvd
Walk of Fame

Debbie D in front of Disneys
El Capitan Theater

Debbie D and
Michael Jackson's Star

Debbie D with Pansy Flowers
Debbie's niece is named Pansy

The House of
Jennifer Lopez & Mark Anthony

The House of
Jack Nicholson

Will Smith's Mansion
for Fresh Prince TV Show

Celine Dione's House

The Playboy Mansion
of Beverly Hills

The Late Great
Michael Jackson's House

Lucille Ball/Lucy Darnes

Peter Faulk's House
[Detective Columbo]