About Debbie D - The Ultimate Fantasy Queen
Debbie D: Actress, Model, Singer
About Debbie D

The Singer
Debbie started her career as a singer / songwriter, but always dabbled in acting and modeling. While in her school years, she was the lead singer for many bands. She sang with several bands that toured up and down the east coast. Debbie D made her first record called "I Want You In My Life" which has sold in many countries all around the world. She has been written up in Billboard magazine as "having a sweet voice". Debbie worked for the Disney cruise line as a singing and she continues to write songs.

The Actress
While having her pictures taken for her record cover, photographer Bill Arthur liked her look and put her photo in a trade model magazine. Falcon Video, Ltd. of New York, responded to her photo and asked her to appear in their horror film, which turned into three more films with them. She has since made literally hundreds of films and video's with numerous production film companies all over the country.Her willingness to attempt almost any part is a great attribute to her talents. Debbie has also made a few of her own directed and produced videos and ofers custom video work as well.

The Model
Many photographers have photographed Debbie D for various products which included her hair, her hands, her face and her Bikini body. Debbie D loves to keep in physical shape, and she does so by attending aerobic and power step classes at least twice a week. Debbie D maintains a petite, yet very athletic body. Under water modeling is her favorite modeling. Making good images in all areas of modeling is most important to her. Creativity is the key.

Designing clothing and modeling go hand and hand for Debbie.