Fantast Queen Debbie D
Debbie D - The Blue Rose
Debbie D as MorganaDebbie D Fantasy Queen

Debbie D's most recognizable Fantasy
characters have been the Mermaids.
Although she has portrayed many fantasy
creatures from Vampire's to Ghosts.

Debbie D is...
"The Ultimate Fantasy Queen"

Debbie D - The Brown Haired Mermaid
The Brown Haired Mermaid
Debbie D has always been a swimmer. She could swim before she could walk and sing before she could talk. The true Mermaid image that she is known for today. Under water is a natural place for," The Brown Haired Mermaid"

Debbie D The "Brown Haired Mermaid" is one of three U. S. official trademarks owned by Debbie D, and she appears each year in the annual Coney Island Mermaid Parade in Brooklyn New York.

Debbie D is always interested in seeing how artists draw her as the Mermaid she is.

Debbie D - Destiny the Vampire Mermaid

Destiny The Vampire Mermaid
After having several photos published as," The Brown Haired Mermaid", as well as her many vampire persona's, Debbie D was contacted by Mr. Ronn Foss, the creator of Destiny The Vampire Mermaid, to find out if Debbie D would like to combine the two characters of vampire and mermaid to be the model and spokesperson for his creation. Debbie D was thrilled at the prospect of becoming the first Vampire Mermaid and since has appeared on television as well as in live comic book videos as Destiny -The Vampire Mermaid. Debbie D has appeared in each issue of "Scary Monsters" magazine for the past two and a half decades and counting, in both her artist drawing comic book form and with "in the flesh" photos & stories of her as Destiny - The Vampire Mermaid.

"Destiny - The Vampire Mermaid" is copyrighted by both Ronn Foss (artist) and Dennis Druktenis (publisher) of Scary Monsters Publications.